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Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!

Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons - 18 Tampons with Plant based Plastic Applicator - Regular 18tampons

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There should be no question marks when it comes to your period. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Tampons give you the leak-free protection you need without added fragrances, so your most sensitive skin isn�t exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Our tampons are made with soft and absorbent Certified Organic Cotton and are processed 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide). The NEW smooth BPA-free plastic applicator is made from 95% plant-based material, allowing for comfortable and easy insertion while being mindful of our impact on the environment. These fragrance-free organic cotton tampons are gynecologist tested, hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. And they�re free of synthetic rayon, deodorants, and dyes. On average a woman will use 16,000 tampons or pads over the course of a lifetime. You read that right � that�s 16,000 intimate encounters with your most sensitive area, so knowing what�s inside those products is a big deal. For over ten years in the U.S., we�ve been making comfortable and reliable Free & Clear feminine care products and voluntarily disclosing the ingredients we use to make them. The thing is, federal law does not require us to do so, but we think they should. That�s why we�re advocating for mandatory ingredient disclosure in feminine care products with the hopes that someday the entire industry will follow our lead. Until then, we�ll be fighting for your right to know while offering a full line of pantyliners, pads, and tampons designed for your peace of mind and protection � period. �Seventh Generation Regular Absorbency Tampons offer comfortable and reliable leak-free protection you can trust �These organic tampons come with a new, smooth, plant-based applicator for easy insertion �Seventh Generation Regular Absorbency Tampons are crafted with 100% responsibly sourced certified organic cotton �Made for your most sensitive skin, these tampons are gynecologist tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free �The BPA-free plastic tampon applicators are made from 95% plant-based materials �Seventh Generation has been making comfortable and reliable feminine care products for over 10 year