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Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!

Rummo Authentic Italian Pasta Noodles - Fettuccine All 'Uovo No 94 250g

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From the family company Rummo S.p.A. are made up by a special type of durum wheat, which comes from the area around Benevento in Campania, Italy. These special Pappardelle all`Uovo have a peculiarity: the consistency of this Pasta Rummo remains firm due to the high quality standards and the patented, time-consuming process, the exclusive Lenta Lavorazione� method (slow processing). The taste and the special texture, is favored by the protein content of the pasta of 14.5% and the crystal clear water from the valley of Sannio. Thanks to the patented, sophisticated process technology of our top manufacturer, Rummo noodles remain al dente even after long cooking and even after reheating. This al-dente effect can be achieved with artisanal spaghetti. Goes well with viscous sauces. Thank you Rummo for this piece of Italy! The company Rummo has already received many national and international awards for its high quality standards: - In 2010, Rummo Pastificio Manufaktur wins the "Environmentally Friendly Innovation" Award for reducing CO2 emissions by 30% thanks to the use of the Energy Coupling System (Lenta Lavorazione� method). - In 2010, Rummo wins the "Leonardo Qualita Italy" prize for innovation work in the field of product quality. - In 2011 Rummo receives the certification method Lenta Lavorazione�