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Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!
Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!

Certified Naturals Plant Source Calcium MAgnesium Plus K2 May Reduce Risk of Developing Osteporosis Orange 450ml

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Certified Naturals Calcium Magnesium Plus K2 - Natural Orange - A liquid Cal Mag that contains the unique plant-source calcium source known as Aquamin. Aquamin is an award-winning, clinically studied ingredient sourced from the Icelandic red-algae Lithothamnion calcareum. Aquamin contains a complex of 74 minerals including calcium and magnesium making it an ideal supplement for bone health. Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Also contains added magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc and important bone vitamins D3 and K2. Certified Naturals Calcium Magnesium liquid is an easy, pleasant-tasting way of getting daily calcium requirements for those that have trouble swallowing large tablets.