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Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!
Promo Codes: "AURA10" for a 10% Discount - "SHIP200" for free shipping over $200!

We're Participating in the 1st Ever #OrganicFestival & So Can You!

We're participating in the first ever #OrganicFestival on Twitter - hosted by the OTA - and so can you! Today the real fun begins with Twitter Parties happening every day! Here's how you can participate (and possibly win prizes too!):

You can support and participate by:

  • Promoting the Twitter Parties on your own channels
  • Sharing #OrganicFestival graphics and images for promoting the parties

You can actively engage in the Twitter Parties by:

  • Re-tweeting, replying to or commenting on OTA or the co-hosts comments
  • Engaging with consumers participating in the Twitter Party by re-tweeting or replying to their posts
  • Adding your own insight to the party’s topic as it unfolds.

Save the Date

#OrganicFestival Twitter parties begin TODAY!

Organic is Non-GMO and So Much More (Wednesday, Sept. 10, 5 p.m. EST) Co-host Mathew Dillon from Clif Bar We will focus on what non-GMO means under the organic certification, as well as the many other benefits of organic beyond non-GMO.

Is Organic Trustworthy? (Thursday, Sept. 11, 4 p.m. EST) Co-hosts Only Organic and Environmental Working Group We will be exploring organic standards and asking our community: Is organic trustworthy? Where do you stand on NOSB standards? What does the seal mean to you? Organic for Kids (Friday, Sept. 12, 4 p.m. EST) Co-host Dr. Alan Greene, Kids Health Expert We will be sharing how and why organic for kids is important—and presenting kid-friendly recipes and tips. Myth-busting Monday (Monday, Sept. 15, 4 p.m. EST) Co-hosts “Coach” Mark Smallwood of the Rodale Institute and Dr. Jessica Shade of The Organic Center We will be busting misconceptions about organic. We’ll provide the information you need to separate fact from fiction. Textile Tuesday: Beyond Food (Tuesday, Sept. 16, 4 p.m. EST) Co-host Marci Zaroff, ECOlifestyle Pioneer We will be discussing the benefits of organic certified fiber. Find out how organic fiber is healthy and eco-fashion can be fulfilling.
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